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     Kakamega County -

   Kakamega County Sectors
Agriculture and Livestock
Education, Culture and Social
Enviroment and Natural Resources
Finance and Accounting
Health Services
Physical Planning / Housing
Public Service Management
Public Works and Utilities
Roads and Infrastructure
Trade, Industry, Developement and Regulation

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NESP (2013-2018) is an all-inclusive, sector-wide programme whose prime goal is: Quality Basic Education and training research for Kenya's Sustainable Development.

VISION: A globally competitive education, training, research and innovation system for sustainable development.

Welcome To Kakamega County

Kakamega County is a county in the Western Province of Kenya. Its has a Total Population of 1,660,651; 398,709 House holds and covers an area of 3,244.9 SQ. KM. The Population density is 515 PER SQ. KM and unfortunately 57%  of the population live below the poverty line.

Some Strengths of Kakamega County include:

  1. Natural resources as Gold, Arable Land, Forests
  2. Tourist Attractions as Kakamega Forest, Caves, Crying Stone of Ilesi
  3. Main Economic Activities include Large-Scale Sugarcane farming, Mixed Farming, Commercial businesses, 'Boda-Boda' Transport business

Kakamega County Map

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